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Well, Eating Dirt holds fast at #1 on the Vancouver Sun bestseller list, where it’s lived between #1 and #10 for the last four months. Big, giant, sloppy thanks to all the good people out there who’ve read it, passed it around, put it in their kids’ Christmas stockings, and left it at their friend’s houses. Without you I’m just a wastrel of perfectly good tree fibre. Without you, in fact, I’m nothing.

I can hardly remember everything that’s happened since Eating Dirt came out. Miles of driving, the hoisting of boxes filled with books, the plugging in of slide projectors, the consumption of much coffee, gum and energy bars, the wheeling of suitcases, the charging of devices in departure lounges, the typing of emails, the ironing of clothes, the fulfilling of the day job in the wee hours of morning. All of it has been wonderful, heady, and abundant.

One of the best parts has been traveling around and meeting people at readings and events. On the road I’m often given wonderful gifts that I surely don’t deserve. They come in the mail, too. Here are some:










The book on the left is from Harold Macy on Vancouver Island. Rooted Lives is a documentary about tree-planters. It was sent to me by Laura Wilimovsky, and you can watch the trailer here.











Next, another great book that came in the mail, from Washington poet and editor Finn Wilcox. Thanks Finn! The book on the right is mine, lovingly gnawed by Olive the dog. Good work, Olive!

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