Somewhere in B.C.
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This photo was sent by Cameron Ringland, who now lives in Bogota, Colombia. It was taken in 1989, when he was planting, he thinks, somewhere near Blue River. I don’t know how many photos I have like this–half the time I don’t even know where I was standing.


Cameron says:

The two guys on the far left were from Toronto and they eventually became gear testering/super guides for Tilley Endurables and MEC. The next one in is me, just loving life in the bush, then some guy I never saw again after that season. Next to him is a guy from Ottawa who eventually started a skater/surf/snowboard shop, one of the first in the area, and he did really well. He introduced me to the Dead and Led Zeppelin, so him I will never forget. Finally, the guy on the far right was named Mark, from Southern Ontario. The three of us, including my sister, hitched to Calgary between plants and hung out with his brother for a few weeks until we headed back for the summer plant. Your chapter on the “in the middle of nowhere-heli-Northern BC-hellish bug-summer plant-fun,” brought me back to that super great summer plant experience . . . thanks. Good times, good times.

Looks like super-cream to me. Thanks, Cameron!


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